Title: Terneuzen observation tower

Year: 2020

Dimensions (lwh): 25 x 25 x 47 meter

Client: Municipality of Terneuzen

Material: Cross laminated timber

Terneuzen observation tower


This icon is a kind of lifted park, with activated functions to let the residents and visitors of Terneuzen enjoy their city and look out over the areas.

This lifted park unfolds in the landscape.

The planted trees and the fencing define the square while maintaining a physical and visual connection with the town centre, the polders, the locks, the industrial areas and the Westerschelde.


The city of Terneuzen is situated next to the mighty wide waters and has managed to resist them throughout the ages. This chair offers Terneuzen a place to grow above the water. Luctor et emergo, the motto of Zeeland.